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Save time and effort

With evyAI, you can create engaging content on LinkedIn™ in minutes. You no longer have to spend hours researching or crafting the perfect post.

Improve your visibility

evyAI helps you optimize your posts and profile, allowing more people on LinkedIn™ to notice you. It also increases your job and networking opportunities.

Build credibility

evyAI's intelligent recommendations and comments help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. Boost your credibility and authority!

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Did you know that you can use AI to generate comments on LinkedIn, create highly personalized posts on LinkedIn that are high quality, and reply to direct messages on LinkedIn using AI?

Yes, I found this amazing tool that acts as a LinkedIn AI assistant for drafting and customizing content and comments on LinkedIn.

Just go to evyai.com and download the latest Chrome extension and you will have access to this amazing AI assistant that can do the following 6 things for you on LinkedIn.

  1. Generate comments for you using AI
  2. Create amazing personalized posts with AI
  3. Reply to direct messages using AI
  4. Create connection notes that increase acceptance rates
  5. Craft highly personalized recommendations
  6. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Remember that AI is a powerful way to help you avoid writer’s block and create personalized content to help you get more exposure.

What I love most about evyAI is that it complies with LinkedIn’s terms because it does not automate your LinkedIn activity, it just drafts content for you to use in comments, posts, and messages. This way you can just edit and send as needed.

Like this post if you want to see more AI tools like evyAI.

Repost so someone else can learn about this great resource.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this type of AI LinkedIn assistant. Would love to hear from you.

#evyAI #AItechnology #LinkedIn

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Stop the Presses 🛑

Did you know you can harness the power of AI for your LinkedIn activities? Yes, it’s no longer a myth, but an extraordinary reality!

Say hello to www.evyai.com, a game-changing tool that has revolutionized my LinkedIn workflow. This AI assistant, accessible via a simple Chrome extension, can lend a hand in many ways:

  1. 🧠 Generates intelligent comments using AI
  2. 🎨 Crafts unique, personalized posts
  3. 💌 Responds to direct messages
  4. 📝 Creates compelling connection notes to increase acceptance rates
  5. ✨ Designs personalized recommendations
  6. 🚀 Optimizes your LinkedIn profile

What’s more? evyAI adheres to LinkedIn’s terms, acting not as an automation bot, but as a friendly ghostwriter, ready to draft your content. You can simply edit and send as needed.

Why not use AI to bypass writer’s block and create personalized content that gets you more exposure? It’s all about working smarter, not harder. And remember, every interaction counts in building your professional narrative.

Do you want to see more about such AI tools? Give this post a 👍 if you’re interested. I’d love to share more.

Got a minute to spare? Please share this post so others can learn about this fantastic resource.

And finally, drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts on AI LinkedIn assistants. I’m eager to hear your perspective.

Let’s embrace technology and bring our LinkedIn game to new heights. 🚀

#evyAI #AItechnology #LinkedIn


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📣 Discover the power of #AI with evyAI! Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to high-quality personalized LinkedIn content. Get started with this revolutionary tool at www.evyai.com today! #evyAI #AItechnology

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🧠 Unlock the potential of AI for your LinkedIn activities. Generate smart comments, craft unique posts, and respond to direct messages with ease using evyAI. Work smarter, not harder! #evyAI #AIpower

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📝 Increase your LinkedIn connection acceptance rates with evyAI. Let this AI assistant help you draft compelling notes and design personalized recommendations. Be ready to shine on LinkedIn! #evyAI #LinkedInOptimization

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✅ Meet evyAI, the AI assistant that complies with LinkedIn’s terms. It’s your friendly ghostwriter, drafting your content so you can edit and send as needed. Embrace the smart way of networking at evyai.com #evyAI #LinkedIn

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🚀 Ready to take your LinkedIn game to the next level? With evyAI, create engaging posts and optimize your profile for maximum exposure. Share your thoughts on AI LinkedIn assistants below! #evyAI #AIrevolution

Unleash your content creation superpowers with evyAI: evyai.com. Elevate your LinkedIn presence like never before! ✨ 


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📸 Supercharge your LinkedIn presence with evyAI! Wave goodbye to writer’s block and hello to dynamic, personalized content! 🚀 Start your AI-powered journey at evyai.com today! #evyAI #AIGamechanger

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💡 Tired of the same old LinkedIn routine? Unlock new potentials with evyAI, your AI-powered assistant. Say yes to smart comments, unique posts, and effortless DM responses. Time to level up! 🎉 #evyAI #LinkedInGameOn

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💌 Make every connection count with evyAI. Let this AI assistant craft compelling notes and design custom recommendations that are sure to impress. Shine brighter on LinkedIn! 💥 #evyAI #NetworkingLikeAPro

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✔️ Say hello to evyAI, your friendly LinkedIn ghostwriter. It’s more than an AI tool, it’s your ticket to more meaningful connections. Head over to evyai.com and let the magic begin! 🌟 #evyAI #AIForLinkedIn

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Copy Below:

🚀 LinkedIn profile optimization has never been this easy! With evyAI, boost your visibility and stand out from the crowd. Let’s take your LinkedIn game to the next level, together! 💪 #evyAI #RaiseYourGame

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Subject Line A: “Revolutionize Your LinkedIn Game with AI Technology!”
Subject Line B: “Unlock the Full Potential of LinkedIn with evyAI!”
Preheader Text: Are you ready to supercharge your LinkedIn activity?

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Dear [Recipient’s Name],

Are you ready to supercharge your LinkedIn activities? Say hello to evyAI, an AI-powered assistant designed to take your LinkedIn experience to the next level.

With evyAI, you can generate intelligent comments, craft personalized posts, and effortlessly respond to direct messages. It’s time to say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to engaging, unique content that truly resonates.

Start your journey with evyAI today at evyai.com.

Stay tuned for more information on how evyAI can revolutionize your LinkedIn presence!


[Your Name]

Email 2:

Subject Line A: “Boost Your LinkedIn Connections with evyAI!”
Subject Line B: “Personalized LinkedIn Experiences with evyAI!”
Preheader Text: Learn how to turn every connection into a potential opportunity!

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Dear [Recipient’s Name],

In our previous email, we introduced you to the remarkable tool, evyAI. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Did you know evyAI can help you craft compelling connection notes and design personalized recommendations? It’s like having a professional ghostwriter at your service, helping you make every LinkedIn interaction meaningful.

Let evyAI optimize your LinkedIn activities and turn every connection into a potential opportunity. Visit evyai.com to get started.

Our next email will show you how evyAI keeps up with LinkedIn’s terms while boosting your professional profile!

[Your Name]

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Subject Line A: “Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile with evyAI!”
Subject Line B: “LinkedIn Optimization Made Simple with evyAI!”
Preheader Text: Learn how to turn prospects into clients with an optimized profile!

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Dear [Recipient’s Name],

By now, you’re familiar with how evyAI can empower your LinkedIn presence. Today, let’s take a closer look at how it elevates your profile while adhering to LinkedIn’s terms.

Unlike automation bots, evyAI is a friendly ghostwriter, dedicated to drafting your content for you to review, edit, and send as needed. It optimizes your LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

Harness the power of AI and let evyAI bring your LinkedIn game to unprecedented heights. Visit evyai.com and let the transformation begin.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to revolutionize LinkedIn experiences with evyAI!

[Your Name]

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Headline: Gain Engagement, Visibility, and Credibility with evyAI.

Need help getting the most of of the world’s largest professional networking site? Luckily for you, our artificial intelligence assistant, evyAI is here to help!

🚀 Gain Credibility: evyAI expertly crafts comments that can be tailored to your industry, positioning you as the go-to professional.

👥 Expand Your Network: Connect meaningfully with personalized messages drafted by evyAI! Allowing you to reach new opportunities and set up meetings with connections that matter to you.

And evyAI does so much more!

Want to learn more about evyAI? Visit the link below, and begin your evyAI journey!

Link description: Get Started Now! ➡️

Link: https://evyai.com/

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Headline: evyAI: Your Secret to Success! Boost Your Influence & Growth!


Are you struggling with gaining credibility and generating new network connections? Meet your new artificial intelligence assistant, evyAI!

No more generic messages! With evyAI, your networking game reaches a new level, where artificial intelligence can personalize your communication leading to stronger and more meaningful connections.

Creating engaging content becomes effortless as evyAI takes the reins, let artificial intelligence effortlessly craft compelling posts and comments that captivate your audience.

Want to learn more? Visit the link below and discover what evyAI can do for you!

Link description: Learn about evyAI here! 

Link: https://evyai.com/

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  2. Elevate LinkedIn with evyAI, the ultimate LinkedIn assistant for new opportunities.
  3. evyAI contains a comment generator, post writer, and more to enhance LinkedIn engagement! 
  4. evyAI: Your new LinkedIn assistant that can improve your visibility and build credibility.
  5. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and personalize your interactions with evyAI.



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Title:  Guide to LinkedIn Success: Utilizing the Power of evyAI
Meta Description: Discover the game-changing potential of evyAI’s AI-powered extension and revolutionize your LinkedIn strategy.
Focus Keyword: evyAI

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Body Copy: 
LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for professionals looking to connect, network, and advance their careers. However, with millions of users and fierce competition, it can take time to stand out and make meaningful connections. 

That’s where evyAI comes in – an innovative tool that can revolutionize your LinkedIn strategy and help you achieve unprecedented success.

In this guide, we will explore the key steps to LinkedIn success and how evyAI can assist you along the way.

Understanding the Power of evyAI

evyAI is an advanced AI-powered extension designed to enhance your LinkedIn activities. 

evyAI is your trusted LinkedIn AI Assistant, helping you create personalized comments, write posts, reply to DMs, and more. 

It’s a Chrome extension app specifically developed to improve your credibility, engagement, and visibility on the platform.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing your profile on LinkedIn is crucial to making a strong impression and attracting the right opportunities. Here are some steps to optimize your profile:

  • Profile Picture: Use a professional and high-quality headshot as your profile picture. Ensure that you have a clear and friendly expression, and dress appropriately for your industry.
  • Headline: Craft a compelling headline that reflects your professional identity and captures your attention. Instead of simply stating your job title, highlight your expertise, achievements, or unique value proposition.
  • Education and Certifications: Include details about your educational background, degrees, and certifications. This helps establish your qualifications and expertise.

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital resume and acts as your professional brand. 

evyAI can optimize your profile to improve visibility and networking opportunities. The Profile Optimizer feature helps you craft a compelling “about section” and headline, making you more noticeable to potential connections.

Creating Engaging Content 

Creating engaging content is crucial to capturing attention and driving meaningful interactions on LinkedIn. Other than your profile, the content you create and post will help either keep visitors engaged or drive them away.

  • Know Your Audience: Understand your target audience and their interests. Tailor your content to provide value and address their needs, challenges, or aspirations.
  • Use Visuals: Incorporate eye-catching visuals such as images, videos, or infographics into your posts. Visual content tends to attract more attention and encourages higher engagement.
  • Spark Discussions: Pose questions, ask for opinions, or encourage your audience to share their experiences. Engage them in conversations and encourage active participation.

evyAI’s Post Writer feature enables you to generate optimized posts with relevant hashtags, based on your provided topic. It saves you time and effort by eliminating the need for extensive research and crafting the perfect post. 

With evyAI, you can create compelling content in minutes and increase your chances of being noticed by a wider audience. Plus, evyAI doesn’t post for you, allowing you to edit the comment generated by evyAI and personalize it with your voice.

Harnessing the Power of Networking

Networking successfully on LinkedIn involves building relationships, expanding your professional network, and creating opportunities for collaboration. Here are some helpful tips to network effectively on LinkedIn:

  • Define Your Networking Goals: Clarify your networking objectives and identify the types of professionals you want to connect with. Determine if you’re seeking industry insights, job opportunities, mentorship, or potential partnerships.
  • Engage with Content: Engage with posts, articles, and discussions by liking, commenting, and sharing valuable insights. This helps you establish your presence, build credibility, and initiate conversations with other professionals.
  • Request and Provide Recommendations: Seek recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, or clients who can vouch for your skills and expertise. Similarly, provide recommendations for others when appropriate. Recommendations add credibility to your profile and strengthen your professional network.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform and evyAI maximizes its potential. evyAI’s comment generator can create suggested comments for posts, tailored to your selected tone and goal. 

This allows you to engage with others effectively, contribute to discussions, and expand your network. 

Nurturing Meaningful Connections

Building solid relationships on LinkedIn is essential for long-term success. It can sometimes be difficult to create and nurture these connections, but there are ways to be successful. 

  • Be Proactive: Take the initiative to reach out and connect with professionals who align with your objectives. Personalize connection requests by mentioning shared interests, mutual connections, or specific reasons for connecting.
  • Offer Value: Provide value to your network by sharing informative articles, industry insights, or helpful resources. Be generous with your knowledge and expertise, offering assistance or advice when appropriate. By providing value, you build credibility and strengthen relationships.

evyAI further assists you in nurturing your connections by providing personalized engagement suggestions and reminders. 

With evyAI’s automation features, you can balance efficiency and personalization, creating genuine relationships that can lead to valuable collaborations and connections.

Leveraging Insights for Smarter Decision-Making 

To be successful on LinkedIn, you have to be strategic and have a plan for everything you do. It is very important to leverage insights to gain a better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish, thus leading to smarter decisions. 

  • Analyze Profile Metrics: LinkedIn provides valuable data and analytics about your profile’s performance. Pay attention to metrics such as profile views, engagement with your posts, and the demographics of your audience. Analyzing these metrics helps you understand what content resonates with your target audience and informs your decision-making.
  • Identify Emerging Trends: Stay updated on industry trends, news, and discussions within your LinkedIn network. Follow relevant hashtags and engage with thought leaders in your field. By identifying emerging trends, you can align your content, engagement, and decision-making with current industry conversations and opportunities.

Once you have identified a trend you would like to be engaged with, evyAI equips you with the tools you need to be active and engage with the trend. evyAI helps you by generating comments to network amongst these emerging trends, drafts content for you to post related to the trend, and helps you gain more visibility overall!

Unlock Your Potential Today with evyAI

A strategic approach to LinkedIn is essential in today’s competitive professional landscape. With the help of evyAI, you can revolutionize your LinkedIn strategy and unlock the full potential of this powerful platform. 

From optimizing your profile to generating comments, evyAI provides you with the tools to achieve unprecedented success.

So, take the plunge, embrace the power of evyAI, and propel your career to new heights on LinkedIn.  You can download the evyAI extension at evyai.com

Please note that evyAI is only available on Google Chrome.

“This AI tool helps and makes me comment easier with just 3 clicks. It’s very helpful, especially for busy people who still want to maintain their connections on LinkedIn. I highly recommend using this time-saving tool.”

  • Mary Delina


“evyAI has been an incredibly useful tool for me on LinkedIn. It has increased my engagement tenfold, helped me write thoughtful recommendations for those in my network, crafted excellent connection request notes, and assisted me in creating a perfect about section. I use evyAI every day and am very grateful for its creation.”

  • Samantha Bergdahl


evyAI is a great tool that helps people with writer’s block and time saving when using social media. There are core features that allow for successful networking, prospecting, and marketing. Each time I want to write a post, I use evyAI to help me write it with all the best practices on the social media platform! I love how user-friendly it is and the ability to prompt evyAI helps me customize the output. Huge timesaver! Highly recommended.

  • Joe Apfelbaum 


The versatility of evyAI is truly impressive, catering to a wide array of professionals. As someone in promotional branding, the ability to craft messages that resonate with clients is key. evyAI is a game-changer for creating content that stands out. You want engagement with your comments and posts? You only need one tool…..evyAI.

  • Kevin Williams


evyAI has been an excellent assistant for my writing, and I am only using 5% of its potential. I am very pleased thus far and hope to use more in the future. My ideas are taken and using my persona, it does incorporate my general message and my philosophy into the posts. Thanks, Joe, for always being creative and bringing tools that help busy entrepreneurs. Boom.

  • Rao Kolusu 


Incredible productivity gain using evyAI! It has given me the ability to quickly and timely produce posts, comments, and responses in my LinkedIn community. I use it every day and would be lost now without it.

  • Joe Krueger 


I’ve been using evyAI to write comments for me on LinkedIn – it’s a life-saver! I used it to help me get a top voice badge with contributed articles – highly recommend this tool.

  • Rami Habashy 


evyAI writes awesome posts for me with a click of a button, I don’t even have to come up with the idea. I always have writer’s block, so the post writer and idea generator are a life-saver. I love saving profiles into organized lists for easy follow-up, as well!

  • Tami Joy Schlichter


During the last 3 months, my ghostwriting has been enormously aided by Joe Apfelbaum’s creative solution evyAI. For posting, I use evyAI extensively for 1st drafts and then I edit to fit my tone and style. BUT, even more important to me is the “commenting” capability, because I consider commenting the key factor in building interest and trust.

  • Jym North


“In the rapidly evolving landscape of Information Technology, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. evyAI emerges as a game-changer, seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence to not only enhance efficiency but also foster trust in a way that sets it apart from its counterparts. My LinkedIn journey has never been so easy and more importantly, so powerful.”

  • Neil Curtis


“This is the best AI tool I have found for use in my coaching business. I can easily personalize connections and comments, which saves me so much time and triples my productivity on LinkedIn. I always make the comments “my own” so I never feel like I am not connecting authentically, just saving precious time and team resources. Thanks for creating this.”

  • Julia Pimsleur


“evyAI seamlessly integrates with my workflow, significantly cutting down the time I spend on LinkedIn. Its standout feature is the “command” function for customization of prompt, a unique offering unmatched in the market (I tested all other tools). Plus, the ‘save profile’ capability truly elevates my networking strategy.”

  • Ivana Todorovic


“I admit I have avoided AI like the plague because of privacy issues and because the few I tried were a waste of time. I have found one that’s smart enough not to actually need a lot of rewriting, hallelujah! Also, the privacy issues are nonexistent–your information is well protected. Just wrote a post on LI that took under a minute. Highly recommend it if you’re looking for reliable AI.”

  • Marcy McDonald


“I absolutely love this tool. I had been eyeing another similar product and I am glad I waited and found this one because the functionality is incredible. I love the persona feature, the profile saving, profile summary, and the post writer. What I really love is that it is a tool that helps me, not something I resign myself to. The team is also awesome and was very prompt to help me with an issue I was having. I highly recommend this tool.”

  • Marjorie Prat


“Amazing tool to quickly and easily stay connected with prospects and profiles I care about. Highly recommend it!”

  • Eli Natoli


“This tool makes keeping updated with my prospects almost effortless and, more importantly, allows me to connect with folks 3x faster.  Highly recommend it to those who feel that LinkedIn is essential.”

  • David Sokolitz


“Makes everything effortless on LinkedIn. For me, even more compelling is evyAI’s CRM capabilities which LinkedIn has desperately needed. The free version alone is a steal in terms of value.”

  • Phillip Lanos


“evyAI is a phenomenal tool. I’ve learned more about AI from Joe than from any other source. Joe created evyAI, and it’s fantastic. You can train it to sound like you! The more you use it, the better it gets.”

  • Jane Lehman


“This is an awesome tool for anybody who wants to leverage LinkedIn. I just started using this tool today and received very positive feedback from a comment I left on an influencer post, who I never hear from. Keep pushing your boundaries further forward!!”

  • Yosef Domnitz


“evyAI is a game changer! It removes the main hurdle to LinkedIn engagement. It helps create content from scratch and then all you have to do is edit – and even that is optional!”

  • Yitzi Brusowankin


“I don’t have writer’s block and was resistant to getting evyAI. I was using the free version and wasn’t impressed. After 3 months, I got the upgraded version and everything changed. I created a few Personas and with GPT 4, the quality of the comments to post just exploded and I get responses much more than before. This tool saves me so much time in commenting on far more posts than before.”

  • James Pereira


“In the past 7 days, I’ve seen a more than 1800% increase in post impressions and a 30% increase in followers. This is a great tool that will save you time and help you get more eyeballs on your business.”

  • John Lamberti


“This AI tool is one of the coolest chrome extensions I have ever seen. It frees up my time and allows me to stay top of mind with my LinkedIn connections all in one. Highly recommend it!”

  • Tina Larsson 


“evyAI is a great AI tool to help you be productive in your LinkedIn content strategy, while saving you a lot of time. And it is easy to use with very little learning curve. Just add the chrome extension and start using. Highly recommend it.”

  • Jeff Johnson


“I always knew that I needed to get much more engaged on LinkedIn.  Frankly, I struggled with coming up with more than a few meaningful words when commenting. I also struggled with creating meaningful and engaging posts. evyAI has solved those struggles of mine. I would HIGHLY recommend this platform. You CAN do it and evyAI makes it easy.”

  • Paul Yahnke


“evyAI is saving me so much time and energy! Thanks for making a really smart tool to help us solopreneurs get more stuff done and do it so well. My account continues to grow and my following has hit over 4K (that’s a 30% increase!).”

  • Evan Mestman


“Saw a demo of this tool and grabbed it before he was done talking! It installs easily and works smoothly and it’s going to save lots of time on my LinkedIn networking.”

  • Tom Collins


“This is a game-changer and saves me so much time! Highly recommend it!”

  • Sarah Sears


“Graceful and quick! Nicely designed AI tool to make your LinkedIn presence MUCH more efficient and effective. Thanks for helping us all to up our game!!”

  • Dr. Scott Dell, CPA


“Wow!  I didn’t realize that this app could be so amazing.  But its ability to generate thoughtful comments is mind-blowing.  Plus, the ability to give it prompts makes it a fantastic AND flexible tool.”

  • Brandon Dauphinais


“This app is a game changer! It allows me to write meaningful and engaging comments even when I don’t have time to fully consume the post. My comments are getting more replies and likes! Love it. Boom!”

  • Kira Swanson


“This is an amazing extension! Works so easily and provides quality results. So many options from optimizing profiles, to asking questions, sending connection requests and more! So so good! I use it for myself and for my clients…and you can hand it over to your VA and other employees.”

  • Andrea Rickett


Amazing tool! Took me 3-seconds to decide to download it, and the results have been amazing!

  • Kevin Williams


Incredible! Relatively new to ai and evyAI makes learning ai simple and incredibly effective!

  • Jeffry Queen 


I have been using this tool heavily recently. It saves so much time!

  • Steve Duke


Amazing product! Saves me a ton of time and energy, plus it helps me connect to new folks with ease.

  • Catherine Hansen 


Very good tool and I find this helpful.

  • Sholom Polter 


Very easy to learn and use – that was key for me. Of many AI apps I use, for the price, it was a no-brainer. It is helping me up my game on LinkedIn for sure!

  • The D’Unger Team 


LOVE THIS! I wasn’t sure if I would use it, but was so easy to learn, I immediately spent an hour working on my LinkedIn presence. For anyone looking to nurture their LinkedIn presence, I’d highly recommend evyAI!

  • Kim Jackson 


evyAI has been a great and useful tool for me! It takes what I want to say and improves it! It saves me lots of time and helps ensure that I sound professional and knowledgeable. Thanks evyAI!

  • Lynn McComas


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Copy Below:

In today’s digital age, LinkedIn has become the platform for professionals to network and grow their business.

Introducing evyAI, the ultimate LinkedIn AI assistant. Use AI to draft comments, write posts, and much more.

Whether you’re creating LinkedIn posts, generating direct messages, or optimizing your LinkedIn profile, evyAI is your intelligent companion that helps you make the most of LinkedIn.

Download evyAI today evyai.com

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Copy Below:

If you’re looking to grow your LinkedIn following, you need to get evyAI!

Its powerful features allow you to generate thoughtful researched posts, replies, connection requests, and more all at the click of a button.

With a range of styles of messages to choose from, you can network with anyone, from friends to coworkers and other professionals.

Expand your LinkedIn network. Download evyAI now — evyai.com

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Copy Below:

Struggling to make your LinkedIn profile stand out?

With evyAI, you can have this AI LinkedIn assistant to analyze your profile and get custom recommendations on what you can change and add to make your profile shine.

Try it now for FREE. Download evyAI today — evyai.com

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Copy Below:

With evyAI, you can develop a winning LinkedIn DM strategy that helps you connect with the right people.

Nurture relationships, explore new opportunities, and connect with new people all at the click of a button.

Save time and effort with our AI-powered LinkedIn assistant evyAI.

Try it for free today evyai.com

Not an evyAI affiliate?

Start earning additional income by referring evyAI to your network today.


The evyAI web app, chrome extension, and website are in no way authorized by, endorsed by, or affiliated with LinkedIn™ or its subsidiaries. All references to LinkedIn™ and other trademarked properties are used in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine and are not meant to imply that this app is a LinkedIn™ product for advertising or other commercial purposes.

Ready to Upgrade?

“I upgraded and everything changed. With GPT 4, the quality of the comments exploded and I get responses much more than before. evyAI saves me so much time.”
– James Pereira, 5-stars