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Here are some frequently asked questions about evyAI

evyAI is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to enhance your LinkedIn engagement and productivity. It helps users to create personalized comments, draft posts, reply to direct messages, and optimize LinkedIn profiles, amongst other things.

Check out this post evyai.com/how-to-update-your-billing-information.

If you have further questions, please email us at hello @ evyai.com

evyAI works as an AI assistant that generates draft content based on your inputs. It assists you in various LinkedIn activities, such as writing comments, creating posts, crafting connection requests, and more. You maintain full control as you can review and edit all generated content before posting.

Most chrome extensions “Read and change your data on ALL websites” whereas evyAI only does it on LinkedIn.com. 

That is the only way that evyAI can work.

In order for evyAI to write comments for you, it has to be able to read the data on LinkedIn.com. 

Please see this short video addressing this exact question: 
Also, there are a bunch of tutorials on other questions here: 

evyAI can help improve your LinkedIn presence by optimizing your profile, generating engaging posts, crafting personalized comments, and suggesting responses to direct messages. It essentially helps you stay active and engaging on LinkedIn, leading to increased visibility and credibility.

evyAI is designed for all LinkedIn users looking to optimize their profiles, enhance engagement, and network more effectively. This can include business owners, professionals, or anyone looking to build their personal brand on LinkedIn.

On chrome, upper right side, click on the ‘puzzle’ icon: 
Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 4.19.40 PM.png
If evyAI is on that list, pin it.
If evyAI is not on that list, re-install the chrome extension here.
If you go to the above link, and the button says “remove from chrome” then it’s already installed, and should appear when you click on the puzzle icon in chrome
If none of this works, please contact us.

Check out this blog post here for complete instructions. 

Check out this video showing you how to reinstall the chrome extension.

No, evyAI does not violate LinkedIn’s terms. The tool does not automate any activity on LinkedIn or scrape any data. It simply provides drafted responses for users to edit and approve.

To get started, you need to add evyAI to your Google Chrome browser. Once installed, sign up for an account, navigate to LinkedIn, and begin leveraging evyAI’s features. Learn more about how to get started here.

Yes, we offer a free trial version for you to test the waters before you consider upgrading to our premium package for unlimited access.

Simply create an account and that is your free trial!

It’s free to sign up and start using it.
Go to click here to install the extension and register for free.  

Then go to https://linkedin.com/feed and try to generate a post – does the purple evyAI icon show? Can you click on it and generate a post?
Also, go to app.evyai.com and log in with the same username and password, and check that out as well.
All in our free trial.

No, evyAI only generates draft content for you to review, edit, and approve. It does not post anything without your consent.

evyAI helps you save time by drafting responses to comments and direct messages, as well as creating posts. This allows you to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn without the need for constant manual input, freeing up your time for other tasks.

Yes, you can set specific goals and tones for your content, and evyAI will generate drafts accordingly. This helps in maintaining consistency in your communication style across all LinkedIn activities.

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Reach out to the evyAI team and we’ll respond promptly to assist you!

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