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Getting That Top Voice Badge on LinkedIn It’s Easier Than You Think!

Top Voice Badge

Ever scroll through LinkedIn and see those fancy “Top Voice” badges next to people’s names? 

They look pretty cool, right? Well, guess what? You can totally score one for yourself too!

LinkedIn offers two types of recognition badges: Community Top Voices (light gold) for specific skill areas and LinkedIn Top Voices (invite-only) for influential thought leaders.

In this blog post, we’ll spill the beans on how to rock the world of LinkedIn Collaborative Articles and grab that coveted Top Voice badge. 

Think of it like your professional superhero cape, making you stand out from the crowd and showcase your amazing skills.

The Path to Recognition: LinkedIn Collaborative Articles

LinkedIn Collaborative Articles offer a unique platform for professionals to share insights and engage with a wide range of topics.

By contributing your knowledge and perspectives, you not only enrich the conversation but also increase your visibility on LinkedIn.

If you want to learn more about the power of LinkedIn Collaborative Articles check out this blog post. 

However, the million dollar question remains, how can you get your Top Voice badge with the help of evyAI? We have broken it down for you into four simple steps:

Step 1: Find your superpower

What are you amazing at? 

What can you talk about for hours without getting bored? Marketing, coding, design, puppy training? 

Whatever it is, focus on that and share your insights on Collaborative Articles related to your expertise.

Step 2: Be a chatty Cathy (or Ken!)

Don’t just lurk in the shadows!

Jump into conversations, add your unique perspective, and ask thoughtful questions.

The more you participate, the more people will notice you as a valuable voice in the community.

Step 3: Quality over quantity

While being active is important, remember, quality matters too! 

Make sure your contributions are clear, insightful, and add value to the discussion. 

Avoid spouting fluff – aim for thoughtful comments and insightful contributions.

Step 4: Meet your new best friend, evyAI

Think of evyAI as your superhero sidekick on LinkedIn. 

This cool Chrome extension, powered by OpenAI, helps you craft killer content and stay active in conversations.

 It can generate context-relevant comments and even suggest ideas to help you stand out.

Think of it like training wheels for your writing muscles. 

evyAI helps you get started and stay engaged, boosting your chances of earning that Top Voice badge in no time!

The following video will teach you how easy it is to get your Top Voice badge on LinkedIn with the help of evyAI.

Pro tip: While the badge is yours to keep for 60 days, remember it’s not a one-time deal!

To maintain your Top Voice status, keep up the good work by consistently contributing quality content and staying active in the community.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start sharing your voice on LinkedIn Collaborative Articles, leverage the power of evyAI, and become a recognized Top Voice in your professional community. 

Remember, your voice matters, so let it be heard!

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