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Mastering LinkedIn™: evyAI, Your AI Networking Assistant

Mastering LinkedIn™ evyAI, Your AI Networking Assistant

evyAI began its journey long before we fully understood the potential and capabilities of artificial intelligence.

15 years ago, LinkedIn™ Coach and CEO, Joe Apfelbaum, and his team were focused on digital marketing.

Then came 2020, and the traditional way of networking and doing business drastically changed for all of us. Suddenly, people were much more interested in learning how to succeed on LinkedIn™.

This is how Evyrgreen was born as a LinkedIn™ training company that has now trained over 1100 clients in networking, prospecting, and growing online. Evyrgreen is all about creating a fool-proof LinkedIn™ strategy to gain qualified leads and get you in meetings with potential clients.

Pioneering LinkedIn Training for Success

Our clients have confirmed time and time again that having a LinkedIn™ winning strategy is an absolute game-changer. LinkedIn™ isn’t just a platform; it’s your gateway to a world of opportunities. With over 1 billion professionals spanning 200 countries, LinkedIn™ is where connections bloom, and possibilities unfold.

However, as incredibly useful as it is, LinkedIn™ can also be immensely time-consuming. And this is what people started telling us: I want to network on LinkedIn™ but I don’t have time to write one post a day!

The Time Challenge: Making LinkedIn Work for You

We want to help your business reach new heights, so we focused on creating a new software to solve that problem and save time and money: evyAI, a LinkedIn™ AI Assistant.

evyAI helps you create personalized comments, write posts, and reply to DMs. This Chrome extension app is designed to help LinkedIn™ users create more engaging and optimized content to improve their visibility and networking opportunities on the platform in seconds.

evyAI Mastering LinkedIn

With evyAI you can:

  • Save time and effort: You can create engaging content on LinkedIn™ in minutes, without spending hours researching or crafting the perfect post.

  • Improve your visibility: evyAI helps you optimize your posts and profile, allowing more people on LinkedIn™ to notice you, increasing your networking opportunities.

  • Build credibility: evyAI’s intelligent recommendations and comments help you establish yourself as an expert in your field, boosting your credibility and authority. 

Thanks to evyAI, we now have the ability to teach people how to use artificial intelligence and LinkedIn™ very quickly. You can learn all about how you can use evyAI on LinkedIn by watching this quick video.

You can install the free Google Chrome extension or upgrade to Premium at evyai.com/upgrade for unlimited access to all our innovative features.

With your Premium subscription, you also get a course on how to use LinkedIn™, don’t miss out!

5000 people are already enhancing their LinkedIn™ experience with evyAI, try it now and improve your LinkedIn™ game with just the click of a button.

Try out evyAI for FREE by installing the Chrome extension here.

If you like evyAI consider upgrading to premium at evyai.com/upgrade