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Unleash Your Company’s Inner Commentator with evyAI!

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Feeling like your LinkedIn game is stuck on silent? Does your LinkedIn company page have the personality of a stapler?

Fear not, LinkedIn mavericks, because evyAI is here to inject some serious fun and engagement into your feed! By crafting comments you can leave from your company page persona on LinkedIn.

Watch as Joe Apfelbaum demonstrates in this video how you can start engaging with posts using your company page on LinkedIn:

Let Your Company's Quirky Voices Shine

Imagine a world where your business can speak multiple languages. 

Not just human languages, mind you, but doggo, cat, and even robot.  

With evyAI, you can create unique personas for each of your company pages, letting your brand shine through in all its quirky glory. 

Say goodbye to boring, single-voice comments and hello to a LinkedIn party where your different brands can chime in with unique personalities.

Imagine Basil the Samoyed leaving an adorable, doggo-approved comment on your post. Or picture your tech startup’s AI bot cracking a witty joke that has everyone LOLing. The possibilities are endless (and seriously fun)!

Basil Approved Woof

Do you want to know the best part?

  • You can create separate personas for each company page. Each brand gets its own distinct voice, from playful pups to sophisticated robots.

  • You will be able to engage with other company pages. Spark conversations, build connections, and expand your reach beyond your immediate followers.

  • You will save time and effort. Allow evyAI to craft one exceptional comment, then customize it for each persona with just a few clicks. Simple and efficient!


Joe created an evyAI persona for the Basil the Samoyed LinkedIn page. When we create comments with that persona with evyAI, it speaks like a dog! Woof woof!

Check it out right here.

Basil LinkedIn Page

And don’t worry, if you’re new to the company page scene, simply email us at hello@evyai.com and we’ll send you a super-speedy guide to getting started.

Let’s get your brands chatting it up on LinkedIn in no time!

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your company’s inner commentator with evyAI and watch your engagement soar!

Remember, the future of LinkedIn is multifaceted, fun, and powered by AI. Join the revolution!

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