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Welcome to our quick and easy guide on how to update the evyAI Chrome Extension. Follow the steps below to ensure you’re always using the latest version of our extension:

  1. Open Google Chrome: The evyAI extension is designed to work with Google Chrome. If it isn’t already open, please launch the browser.

  2. Navigate to the Chrome Web Store: Click on the following link to visit the Chrome Web Store: evyAI Extension

  3. Check the ‘Installed’ Button: Once you’re on the evyAI Extension page, look for the ‘Installed’ button. If the button is blue, this means the extension is already up to date. If the button is grey, continue to the next step.

  4. Update the Extension: Click on the grey ‘Installed’ button. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on ‘Update’, and the latest version of the evyAI Extension will begin to download and install.

  5. Confirm the Update: Once the update is complete, the ‘Installed’ button will turn blue again. This indicates that your evyAI Extension is now up-to-date.

That’s it! You’ve successfully updated your evyAI Chrome Extension. We frequently improve and add features to our extension, so be sure to check for updates regularly. Enjoy a more enhanced browsing experience with evyAI!

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“I upgraded and everything changed. With GPT 4, the quality of the comments exploded and I get responses much more than before. evyAI saves me so much time.”
– James Pereira, 5-stars
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