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The Best to Way Write Post with AI on LinkedIn™

Are you ready to revolutionize your LinkedIn™ presence? AI is here to redefine the art of posting, making it more impactful and less time-consuming.

Imagine crafting posts with precision and ease. Simply define your objectives, select a tone, and propose a topic. It’s that simple.

Embrace AI assistance and make consistent LinkedIn™ posting a part of your routine. 

Each AI-crafted post comes equipped with engaging hooks, key insights, a compelling call to action, and relevant hashtags. 

This not only conserves your time but also amplifies your message’s reach.

Join our exciting webinar and learn how AI can transform the way you post on LinkedIn™

You do not want to miss this presentation!

Here are some of the things that you’ll walk away with

Join our upcoming FREE live training on March 12 at 3:00 PM ET to learn how to get a Top-Voice badge on LinkedIn™ with AI!

Learn how AI simplifies the process of creating LinkedIn posts.

Discover the importance of adding a personal touch to AI-generated content.

Understand how AI can help maintain a regular posting schedule on LinkedIn™.

Learn how to get a top voice badge on LinkedIn™ with AI

Understand what you should use the badge on LinkedIn™ for and how to helps

The types of tools you need to get the badge quickly

Why are people not getting the badge even when they try

How AI will change the game for your success on LinkedIn™ with this badge

Gain insights into the strategic components of an effective LinkedIn™ post.

Realize the time-saving benefits of using AI for content creation.

Meet your host

Joe Apfelbaum

Accomplished CEO, AI expert, and founder of Ajax Union, with 15+ years leading a successful Inc5000 ranked marketing agency. He’s coached 1000+ clients on leveraging LinkedIn™ for business. He is the author of 5 books, including his most recent book High Energy Networking. He is the founder of an AI assistant for LinkedIn™, a software he developed with his team to help LinkedIn™ users maximize the platform and save time using an AI that learns your voice and can help craft comments and content. When he is not on stages all over the world inspiring and educating professionals he spends time with his 5 children rollerblading and rapping in New York.


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“This is the best AI tool I have found for use in my coaching business. I can easily personalize connections and comments, which saves me so much time and triples my productivity on LinkedIn. I always make the comments "my own" so I never feel like I am not connecting authentically, just saving precious time and team resources. Thanks for creating this.”

Julia Pimsleur, CEO and Founder of Million Dollar Women

“evyAI seamlessly integrates with my workflow, significantly cutting down the time I spend on LinkedIn. Its standout feature is the "command" function for customization of prompt, a unique offering unmatched in the market (I tested all other tools). Plus, the 'save profile' capability truly elevates my networking strategy.”

Ivana Todorovic, Founder of AuthoredUp

“I admit I have avoided AI like the plague because of privacy issues and because the few I tried were a waste of time. I have found one that's smart enough not to actually need a lot of rewriting, hallelujah! Also, the privacy issues are nonexistent--your information is well protected. Just wrote a post on LI that took under a minute. Highly recommend it if you're looking for reliable AI.”

Marcy McDonald, Mindset Expert at Self-Mastery Transformation

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“I upgraded and everything changed. With GPT 4, the quality of the comments exploded and I get responses much more than before. evyAI saves me so much time.”
– James Pereira, 5-stars