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Crafting Concise Posts and Messages with evyAI

Crafting Concise Post and Messages

Struggling to juggle brevity and authenticity on LinkedIn?

You’re not alone. In a platform flooded with content, crafting concise messages that truly resonate can feel like navigating a minefield.

This is where evyAI, with its innovative Persona feature, becomes your indispensable ally.

Using AI for LinkedIn content can risk sounding inauthentic if not properly guided. evyAI addresses this concern head-on. With evyAI Personas, you can train the AI to mirror your authentic voice, ensuring your posts and messages resonate genuinely with your audience. 

In this blog you will learn how to use evyAI to craft concise posts and messages by following the steps below:

1. Training Your evyAI Persona

Creating a persona in evyAI is a straightforward process. By filling in details like your industry, communication style, and personal interests, you guide evyAI to produce content that sounds like you. Watch this two-minute video to see how easy it is to train your evyAI persona.

2. Multiple Personas for Diverse Roles

Consider the versatility of having multiple personas. For instance, I have three personas on evyAI – one as the CEO of Ajax Union, another as a LinkedIn Trainer, and a third as the Founder of evyAI. This allows me to tailor my communication style to fit each unique role.

3. Persona Framework

To get started, use this simple framework to create your evyAI persona

  • Name:
  • Industry:
  • Title:
  • Company:
  • Keywords:
  • Professional Interests:
  • Achievements:  
  • Skills:
  • Communication Style:
  • Tone:
  • Preferred Phrases:
  • Taboos:
  • Personal Interests:
  • Hobbies:
  • Educational Background:
  • Goals:
  • Content:
  • Personal Info:

You can also consider adding these options:

  • General Emotion: (Inspirational, Positive, Negative, Bored, Happy, Excited )
  • Language Style: (Short Sentences, Passive voice, Complex Vocab)
  • Questions Frequency: (Always, Never, Sometimes)
  • Formality Level (Formal, Semi Formal, Informal)
    Pronoun Principal (1st Person, 3rd Person)
  • Feelings Toward Your
  • Work: (Stressed, Proud, Confident, Bored, Excited)
  • Tone: (Passionate, Casual, Friendly, Funny)
  • Personality (Playful, Neutral, Sarcastic, Serious, Analytical, Annoyed, Humor)
  • Favorite Topics: (Specify 5 Topics)
  • Writing Style: (Provide 5 Adjectives)
  • Examples of comments you have made, include comments that are at lease 15 words.
  • Reply in this language: 

With your persona set, evyAI will help you craft concise LinkedIn content that still carries your unique voice. It optimizes the length and ensures that every word counts, making your posts and messages impactful and engaging.

4. Tips for Crafting Concise LinkedIn Content with evyAI

Define Your Purpose: Start with a clear objective for your LinkedIn activity.

Leverage Your Persona: Use your evyAI persona to maintain a consistent, authentic voice.

Edit for Clarity: Let evyAI draft your content, then refine it to enhance clarity and brevity.

Engage Creatively: Incorporate engaging elements while keeping your message succinct.

Crafting concise and authentic LinkedIn content is crucial in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. evyAI, with its Persona feature, empowers you to maintain your unique voice while ensuring your messages are clear and to the point.

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