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How to Prompt evyAI’s Post Writer To Write Great Posts

How to Prompt evyAI’s Post Writer To Write Great Posts

Are you ready for some amazing news?

You don’t have to struggle with blank page syndrome anymore!

evyAI can help you craft compelling LinkedIn™ posts that grab your audience’s attention and generate leads, but remember that AI’s output is only as good as the information you provide.

Writing the right prompt will make all the difference!

For instance, here are 3 examples of great prompts that a real estate agent would use to create their content:

1. Debunk Homebuyer Myths

  • Title: “Buying Your First Home in New Jersey? Don’t Let These Myths Hold You Back!”

  • Content: Address 3 common misconceptions about buying a home in New Jersey (e.g., needing a 20% down payment, the process taking too long). Provide clear, concise explanations to dispel these myths.

  • Call to Action: “Ready to make your dream of homeownership a reality? Contact me today and let’s chat about your options!” (Include your contact information).

2. The Perils of DIY Selling

(Tip: Remember to set the tone – e.g., for this prompt, we’d indicate to evyAI that it should use a Conversational Tone). 

  • Title: “Selling Your House Solo: Adventures in DIY Disaster (or Why You Need a Real Estate Agent!)”


  • Content: Share a humorous (but relatable) story about the potential pitfalls of selling a house without an agent (e.g., missed paperwork deadlines, lowball offers). Highlight the benefits of using a realtor like yourself (e.g., expertise, negotiation skills).


  • Call to Action: “Avoid the DIY headaches and get top dollar for your home! Let an EXPERT real estate agent like me handle the heavy lifting. Contact me today for a free consultation!”

3. Leverage Market Trends and Expert Quotes

  • Title: “New Jersey Real Estate: A Look Back at 10 Years of Market Shifts”

  • Content: Discuss key trends in the NJ real estate market over the past decade. Include data points or visuals to illustrate your points. End with a powerful quote about the future of real estate (e.g., “The best time to buy a house was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” -Barbara Corcoran).

  • Call to Action: “Thinking about buying or selling in today’s market? Let’s connect and discuss your real estate goals!”

As always, remember to select the right GOAL, TONE and PERSONA. This will go a long way to ensure your posts sound authentic and mirror your own voice.

If you need help creating your Persona, head over to this blog post where we’ll guide you in crafting the perfect Persona to get your message across.

Bonus Tip: Always proofread carefully before posting!

By following these tips and using evyAI as your writing assistant, you can create compelling LinkedIn™ content that positions you as a valuable resource in your niche market.

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