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Finding Your Voice—The evyAI Way to Shine on LinkedIn


Let's Get Real: Your Unique Voice Matters on LinkedIn

Imagine you’ve stepped into the bustling hallways of LinkedIn, and you’re surrounded by voices. But your voice? It’s unique. And in this vast digital sea, you want your message to be the lighthouse.

That’s where training evyAI for your voice comes in handy.

AI is only as good as the training you give it, that is why we created the Personas feature on the evyAI platform.


1. Kickstarting Your Journey: What’s This Persona Thing?

Every superhero has an origin story, and so does your LinkedIn content. The hero here? Personas. It’s not just a fancy term; it’s the very foundation of your LinkedIn identity.

Access it by logging right into the evyAI platform https://app.evyai.com/personas

Think of Personas as the training you give AI to know who you are when you post, comment, message, or do anything else on LinkedIn.

Think of Personas as your virtual DNA on LinkedIn. Interests, industry, tone of voice — it’s all in there. Make sure you include both the things you want and the things you want to avoid.

Getting Started: Dive deep. The more you feed evyAI about your Persona, the smarter and more aligned the AI becomes. So feel free to tell evyAI about yourself and your company in detail.

Start with one persona, test it and when you upgrade to premium you can have many more personas for company pages, or different roles that you have in your business.

2. The Real Deal: Why Personalization?

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter content. The world craves real, authentic interactions.

If you let your AI create generic content NO ONE WILL WANT TO READ IT.

Standing Out: In a world of copycats, originality shines. Use Personas to train evyAI about who you are and what you are about so it can create personalized content.

Custom LinkedIn Content: Not just content, but YOUR content. Crafted by you, for your audience, with a sprinkle of evyAI magic.

Be sure to always edit your content before you post it! 

3. Train ChatGPT for YOUR Voice on LinkedIn

You’ve got quirks, style, and flair. Let’s get evyAI to pick that up.

The Training Wheels: Start with simple inputs. The kind of content you like, the tone you prefer, the topics you’re passionate about.

Consistency is Key: The more you adjust the persona and correct evyAI, the more it syncs with your voice. Think of teaching your Persona like teaching a puppy new tricks. You might not get it perfect at first but you can always edit your Persona and make it better. Keep trying to get it right.

Because evyAI uses OpenAI, you must train it, otherwise it will create generic content.

4. The LinkedIn AI Training Bootcamp

Alright, rookie, time for some action. Let’s mold evyAI into your digital twin.

Feedback Loop: Every time evyAI drafts content, review it. Too formal? Too casual? Adjust your Persona and prompts and let evyAI learn. Make sure you also use custom prompts to enhance the content generation and click regenerate to see how it changes.

Experiment: Test different content styles, tones, and formats. evyAI learns from variety. 

Example: “I’m Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, a digital marketing expert with 20 years experience. I use an authentic conversational voice when posting and commenting and I never use corporate jargon when developing content. I love to use analogies and I keep things straight forward because I am from Brooklyn, NY. I enjoy being witty, have a sense of humor and like puns. I am a successful entrepreneur and an author of 5 books including high energy marketing. I am also a professional speaker and speak about AI, LinkedIn, and personal development all around the world. I am humble, professional, curious, creative and playful.”

5. Beyond Words: The Tone, The Tempo, The Nuances

Your voice isn’t just about words. It’s the rhythm, the pauses, the emotion.

Sometimes it’s about using UPPER CASE letters to make a point.

Setting the Tone: Whether you’re upbeat, contemplative, or downright quirky, let evyAI in on it. The better you describe your voice, tone and personality, the better the AI will match it.

Visuals & More: If you’re into memes, GIFs, or charts, let evyAI know. Let evyAI understand your complete style.

For example, if you tell evyAI that you are playful and witty, evyAI will keep that in mind when creating your content for LinkedIn.

6. Looking Ahead: Evolving with evyAI

The digital realm is ever-evolving, and so are you. Here’s looking at the future:

Stay Updated: As you grow, evolve, and change, ensure your Personas do, too. We plan on making them better and better as we learn more about what LinkedIn users care about.

Engage & Learn: The beauty of evyAI? It’s a two-way street. Engage, adapt, and watch your LinkedIn presence flourish.

Do not just set it and forget it.

Do not post and ghost.

Rather, stay in touch and on top of your game.

7. Persona Template

Professional Interests:
Communication Style:
Preferred Phrases:
Personal Interests:
Educational Background:
Personal Info:

You can also consider adding these options:

General Emotion: (Inspirational, Positive, Negative, Bored, Happy, Excited )
Language Style: (Short Sentences, Passive voice, Complex Vocab)
Questions Frequency: (Always, Never, Sometimes)
Formality Level (Formal, Semi Formal, Informal)
Pronoun Principal (1st Person, 3rd Person)
Feelings Toward Your Work: (Stressed, Proud, Confident, Bored, Excited)
Tone: (Passionate, Casual, Friendly, Funny)
Personality (Playful, Neutral, Sarcastic, Serious, Analytical, Annoyed, Humor)

Favorite Topics: (Specify 5 Topics)

Writing Style: (Provide 5 Adjectives)

Examples of comments you have made, include comments that are at lease 15 words.

Reply in this language: 

And there you have it! The roadmap to carving out a niche for yourself on LinkedIn, with your trusty ally: evyAI. Ready to broadcast your unique voice to the world? Go on, the stage is yours.

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