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The Power of LinkedIn Collaborative Articles with evyAI

Effortlessly Contribute, Earn Badges, and Amplify Your Professional Voice

Ready to dive into the world of LinkedIn Collaborative Articles? Whether you’re a savvy professional or a curious newcomer, we’re here to guide you on how these articles work, how to earn coveted badges, and how evyAI can be your secret weapon for making impactful contributions.

Understanding LinkedIn Collaborative Articles

LinkedIn Collaborative Articles are a blend of AI-generated content and real-life insights from members like you. These articles cover a wide range of topics, from career advice to industry-specific trends. 

The community’s input transforms these pieces into rich, multi-perspective resources. 

Your role is to contribute your unique insights, making these articles more comprehensive and valuable.

You can view them here: linkedin.com/pulse/topics/home

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Earning Your Badge of Honor

LinkedIn offers two types of recognition badges – the Community Top Voices badge and the LinkedIn Top Voices badge. 

The former, light gold in color, is awarded for notable contributions in specific skill areas, while the latter is an invitation-only badge recognizing influential thought leaders. 

To earn these badges, focus on making quality contributions, staying active, showcasing a range of skills, and adhering to community guidelines.

You can see the badge on Joe Apfelbaum’s profile at joeLinkedin.com 

evyAI: Your LinkedIn Wingman

evyAI, an OpenAI-powered Chrome extension, is like having a digital assistant for LinkedIn. It streamlines the process of contributing to Collaborative Articles by generating context-relevant comments and content. 

This tool not only saves time but ensures your contributions are engaging and on-point. 

Just choose your goal, your tone and your persona so the AI knows how to help you draft a contribution that is in your voice.

Now you can stay top of mine and earn that badge in no time!

Strategies for Stellar Contributions

To make your mark, start by finding your niche. Reflect on your expertise and interests, stay abreast of industry trends, and identify what your network values. 

Then, use evyAI to craft engaging, authentic content. Focus on adding value and sparking discussions to enhance your professional reputation.


LinkedIn Collaborative Articles and evyAI together offer a unique opportunity to amplify your professional voice. 

By understanding how to contribute effectively and leveraging evyAI’s capabilities, you can enhance your presence on LinkedIn and potentially earn recognition badges. 

So, why not start today and share your unique perspective?

Let’s enrich the professional community on LinkedIn together. And remember, we’re keen to hear your thoughts and experiences, so drop a comment below and keep this insightful conversation going! 🚀🌟

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FAQ: Leveraging LinkedIn and AI for Professional Success

How can I earn a Top Badge on LinkedIn?

To earn a Top Badge on LinkedIn, such as the Community Top Voices badge, actively contribute to LinkedIn Collaborative Articles. 

Focus on sharing insightful, relevant content in your field of expertise. 

Regular participation, providing valuable insights, and adhering to LinkedIn’s community guidelines are key. Engage in various topics to showcase your diverse skills.

What is the difference between LinkedIn’s Community Top Voices badge and Top Voices badge?

The Community Top Voices badge, light gold in color, is awarded for outstanding contributions to specific skill areas in LinkedIn Collaborative Articles. 

It’s earned by actively participating and sharing expertise. 

The LinkedIn Top Voices badge, which is blue, is an invitation-only badge given to influential thought leaders and industry influencers recognized for their impactful content on LinkedIn.

Can I use AI to enhance my LinkedIn profile and activities?

Yes, you can use AI to enhance your LinkedIn activities. Tools like evyAI, a Chrome extension powered by OpenAI, help create engaging content, optimize your profile, and improve interactions. 

It assists in generating relevant posts, comments, and personalized messages, saving time and increasing your engagement on the platform.

How can AI help me contribute effectively to LinkedIn Collaborative Articles?

AI tools like evyAI can help you contribute effectively to LinkedIn Collaborative Articles by providing suggestions for comments and content that align with the topic. 

They ensure your contributions are relevant, engaging, and insightful, increasing the likelihood of your content resonating with the community and enhancing your chances of earning recognition badges.

What are some tips for crafting engaging content on LinkedIn using AI?

When using AI tools like evyAI to craft content on LinkedIn, focus on authenticity by adding your personal insights to AI-generated suggestions. 

Ensure your contributions are valuable, adding unique perspectives or solutions. Use the AI to help with tone consistency and relevance to the topic, and aim to spark discussions or offer actionable advice to engage your audience effectively.

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